Hard to find speed garage by DMTRS WE FLACO



9 minutes on a single sided 10" * 15 copies / Limited edition release, March 2020.

Dmtrs we flaco further builds on his signature thematic format and sonic approach, following his mutated dancefloor gqom mashups of WKC012, with another limited release.

In a total duration of 9 minutes, randomly sourced material of the past is now reterritorialized through number logic-based operations that introduce patterns, pulsations, and intervals. Information, brimming with speed garage and rave aesthetics, becomes a mnemonic framework that takes cues from Burial to result in an affective listening experience.

Ambience has been deliberately removed. There is no space. Just the ecstatic urgency, front and center, as the moment commands attention, digital flaws erase expectations, and the cycle of tension and release haunts the listener with a familiar, yet distant, experience.

Master by Kitaro at "Schnittstelle, Mastering & Vinylschnitt", Berlin.
Cut by Josef Helmet at "LoFi Concept", Athens.

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