Get in the pitch

selected garments, accessories, vinyl records and cassettes from selected diy designers, brands and artists from Greece and around the world.

  • Black sail cloth bag
  • silkscreen print on black
  • dimensions 45X45cm (280gr)
  • durable and comfy

  • Lycra Blouse
  • Digital Printed
  • Tight fit from Small to Large
  • Desinged by Marializa Kambi

Limited long sleeve celebrating 6 years of stickering, stamping and wrapping.

  • Blue ink on white
  • ultra-cotton
  • pro screen-printed in Italy by Serimal.
  • Design by Davide Salvati
Standing for "Mixed By Erry", the label takes its title from a mythical and somewhat anonymous pirate figure within Naples called Erry with no clear ties to music who issued a series of low-key cassette mixes in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

curated by Giovanni Napolano

"Gender Is A Social Construct" by Fashion Spaetkauf

  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Fair trade
  • Designed in Athens
  • 200gsm
  • Limited

This album contains nine pieces. Each consisting off two records with traditional, avant garde or classical music mixed into one. No effects, only music and a 100% integration of music. In the Dutch Mountains/Negativland - De Integratie Suite is a co-release with Orient Press. The cd 'In the Dutch Mountains/Negativland' comes with a booklet called 'De Integratie Suite'. In this booklet you find contributions by Nie pastille, Job Janssen, Lutz Driessen, Ali Altin, Ruth Buchanan, Meeuw, Olivier Maarschalk, Annika Hauke, Özlem Altin, Pieter Kock, Adriaan van der Ploeg en Lieke Snellen.

  • mirrored and warped version of the famous Versace logo,
  • visible and completely understood when looked at in the mirror.
  • 100% Heavyweight Cotton
  • Embroidery
  • Made In Athens by NIATA

  • Cotton Beach Towel
  • 180x100cm
  • Digital Printed
  • Designed by Marializa Kambi
  • Limited Items

  • Cotton Beach Towel
  • 180x100cm
  • Digital Printed
  • Designed by Marializa Kambi
  • Limited Items

Repress of the infamous MBE002 recorded by Conor Thomas on 2016 now served in a new one shot of 150 restyled cheeky tapes +++

“This mix is a tribute to a series of "free parties"/raves held in manchester over ten years ago. Records that were played there or that i used to cane during that era

Using the benefit of hindsight, this is a snapshot or perspective of the era after the '90s "Madchester" and “sulphuric soul” (gip) thing. of course there were other things happening, lots of techno/electro/breakcore/electronica and early dubstep, but for me, this was the sound of cracked warehouses and abandoned mental hospitals when i moved here in 2002, and it remained like that until dubstep really took a grip after 2007.

All tracks are from original records released between ’93 and ’04 (apart from the Leckey snippet), with particular focus on darkside late ‘90s flex, which bled into that era. I only found out years after that time that other people had nicknamed me The Smoking Man, probs cos i look a bit grey and tended to hang in the shadows with a big spliff when i wasn’t brukking and gurning. Not because i wore a flasher mac and had links to secret government agencies."

Pack of white C90 cassette in clear case with stamped pink tape + A3 pink ink risograph fold-out poster.

poster designed by Davide Salvati

Liturgy is a journey into the uncanny realm of the senses that dives into histories of perception and intuition. The artist Flora Yin-Wong deploys a variety of images and texts to explore issues related to cosmic principles, conspiracies, and parallel universes. The result is a constellatory work filled with religion, dreams, and fragmented memories and knowledge that also gestures at the artist’s own history. The book’s chapters—Rituals & Fire; Omens; Hexagrams / Oracles; Curses; Gods & Creatures; Places Doors to Hell / Ghost Cities; Paradoxes; Sound Phenomena; Reality—function like a secret dossier inflected with flights of fantasy, speaking to systems of faith and language and its corruptions.

Divining inspiration from meditation, oracles, curses, hexagrams, Cantonese traditions, and superstitions, Liturgy interweaves textual and visual collage to create a multi-layered tonality. Reflected here is the multidisciplinary artist’s interest in the web between fiction, memory, rituals, and incantation, as well as her approach to sound.

Flora Yin-Wong is a London–born, Chinese-Malaysian writer, producer, and DJ who has released material on the labels Modern Love and PAN. Her sonic work uses traditional instruments, software processing, and text-based storytelling, and has been performed at venues including ISSUE Project Room (New York), the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Volksbühne Theater (Berlin), and Berghain (Berlin).

120 pages
10.9 x 18 cm
Edition of 2200

Co-Published with Primary Information
Managing Editors: James Hoff and Bill Kouligas
Designers: NMR
Copy Editor: Allison Dubinsky

  • black / blue hats
  • ?? (Fùchóu) logo.
  • by No Flash Studio
  • made in Thessaloniki
  • Limited items

  • 100% Cotton
  • Soft and comfy
  • Ovesized
  • One size fits all

  • Sleeveless baby hoodie
  • dark red
  • silkscreen printed
  • limited stock
  • designed by No Flash

  • Cotton Beach Towel
  • 180x100cm
  • Digital Printed
  • Designed by Marializa Kambi
  • Limited Items